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The home and site dedicated to those with a love of erect nipples visible through clothing. This is something that women from every walk of life indugle in, whether deliberately or purely by accident.

Here we give you a glimpse at celebrity and amateur peanut smuggling in its finest form from the people next door to celebrity's on the red carpet.

What could be finer than spending a few moments indulging in some peanut smuggling spying and we will let you decide if its fun, pervy or even a fetish above all enjoy you visit to peanut smuggling and make sure you return often for all the latest updates or share a link or two with your closest buddies and girlfriends....

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Laura Whitmore

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What is Peanut Smuggling?

Peanut smuggling can be caused by several means:

Missing Bra Syndrome

When a female chooses to not wear her her bra and her clothing rubs against her nipples resulting in them becoming erect and prominent for all to enjoy.

Braless peanut smugglingBraless peanut smuggling

Cold or Wet

Very self explanatory but when nipples become cold, be it from the weather or water, they rise up to be displayed in all their glory.

Cold Wet peanut smugglingCold wet peanut smuggling

Turned On / Adrenaline Induced

When experiencing highly charged sexual or sporting activity, clothing or another's hands/body parts may rub against the nipple resulting in them becoming aroused and prominent.

Turned On Adrealine Induced peanut smugglingTurned On Adrealine Induced peanut smuggling

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Definition: "Noun. Of a woman, having prominently erect nipples, visible through her clothing"
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